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Draft angle
Apr 27, 2018

Draft angle

The draft angle is also the draft angle, which is the slope designed on both sides of the die to facilitate ejection. The orientation of the draft angle depends on the internal and external dimensions of the plastic part.

The size of the mold drafts is related to the properties of the plastic parts, shrinkage, friction factor, wall thickness and geometry of the plastic parts. Rigid plastics have higher draft angles than soft plastics; plastic parts with more complex shapes or molding holes have larger draft angles; plastic parts have higher heights and deeper holes, so take smaller demouldings. Gradient; wall thickness increases, the force of the inner hole wraps the core, and the draft angle should also be larger. Sometimes, in order to leave the plastic in the die or on the core during mold opening, the slope of the edge is intentionally reduced or the oblique edge is enlarged.