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Mold strong off
Apr 27, 2018

Mold strong off

Generally strong off refers to the product structure in the normal opening and closing mold in the upside down (or lateral glue position), undercuts and other products that hinder the product out of the mold structure, but in the mold design did not set a special mold The mechanism (such as a slanted roof or a slider) goes out of the mold, but it is ejected in the normal parting direction.

In this case, the plastic parts will inevitably interfere with the mold type production when the mold is ejected. The plastic deformation of the plastic part itself is used to forcibly remove the product from the inside of the mold cavity.

Generally capable of strong off the plastic parts must have several conditions: 1, there is a deformation of the space; 2, plastic parts can produce enough plastic deformation; 3, product structure has enough rounded or similar transitions to ensure that products do not As for cracking or tearing.