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The overmolding process
Dec 28, 2017

The overmolding process

     Overmolding is a very difficult process, requiring adherence to the very tightest of tolerances. The general concept of overmolding is quite similar to insert molding, but presents far more opportunities for mistakes and a much smaller margin of error. Abery Mold's overmolding processes create parts specifications as tight as 0.001”. We utilize the most advanced injection molding equipment for overmolding, to ensure the highest possible quality and superb repeatability.

   Because the materials we use shrink as they cool following the overmolding process, special consideration must be made in the creation of our molds. And, because we use a number of different materials in overmolding, all of which have different cooling/shrinking properties, it is crucial that we create our molds to match the specific properties of the material(s) being used. Our mold designers will perfectly match their mold specs to the unique needs of your overmolding project.

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