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Injection molding, also known as injection molding, is an injection-molding molding method. The advantages of the injection molding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, variety of colors, shapes from simple to complex, the size can be from large to small, and the size of the product is accurate, the product is easy to be replaced, and the shape can be complicated. Parts, injection molding is suitable for molding processing such as mass production and complex shapes.
After the plastic is plasticized in the heating barrel of the injection molding machine, the plunger or the reciprocating screw is injected into the cavity of the closed mold to form a plastic processing method for the product. This method can process products with complex shapes, precise dimensions or inserts, and has high production efficiency. Most thermoplastics and certain thermosets (such as phenolics) can be processed by this method. The material used for injection molding must have good fluidity in order to fill the cavity to obtain the product.
At a certain temperature, a completely molten plastic material is stirred by a screw, and a method of obtaining a molded article is obtained by injecting a high-pressure into a cavity and cooling and solidifying. This method is suitable for mass production of complex shapes and is one of the important processing methods.
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