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Enhance Your Product With Injection Molding
Sep 14, 2017

Enhance your product with injection molding

Abery Mold is professional make maker for overmolding, it is the process in which one thermoplastic material is molded onto a second material to produce a single part. The injection overmolding process is done by employing two separate molds that will bond two different materials to form a part with aesthetics and functional appeal.

The benefits of overmolding:

  • Cost and Time: Overmolding eliminates secondary operations, assembly, extra material and labor.

  • Design: Overmolding allows for more flexibility in design opportunities.

  • Materials : Wide ranges of hard and soft thermoplastic materials can be overmolded in an array of textures.

  • Lifespan of Product: Overmolding is a good option for parts that may need to be waterproof, airtight or more resistant to shock and vibrations.

  • Safety: Overmolding improves gripping areas, more shock resistant, and eliminates rough edges for more comfort and ease of use.

  • Aesthetics: Overmolding offers more pleasing shapes with more style and color choices.

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