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Optimized design
●The structure, composition, classification and function of the injection mold;
●Optimization design of gating system (gate, runner, cold well, etc.)
●Optimization of cooling system (waterway, water barrier, roller, etc.)
●Setting and adjustment of shrinkage rate
●The relationship between the casting system, the cooling system, the mold structure and the injection molding process
●Mould installation, commissioning and maintenance
●Control of the process by using chiller and mold temperature machine
●Using CAE mold flow analysis technology for mold optimization design
Products are widely used in: mobile phones, laptops, a variety of plastic casings, communications, micro-motors, computers, electrical appliances, electronics, toys, watches, lighting, locomotives and other industries.
Today's types mainly include: CNC computer parts, mobile phone nuts, embossed nuts, hot melt nuts, hot-pressed nuts, embedded nuts, ultrasonic nuts, injection nuts, insert nuts, copper shafts, copper posts, copper sleeves, copper cups. Twenty categories, such as precision shaft and non-standard screw nut, tens of thousands of specifications.
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