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Double injection molding: It is a special plastic molding process, also known as straw or rubber. It is similar to the two-color molding process, but it has a big difference from the two-color molding process. It is a process in which a certain plastic raw material is molded in a plastic mold, and the formed parts are taken out and placed in a secondary molding mold to be injected into the same kind or another plastic material. More complicated is the multiple molding, so that the appearance and process of the plastic products meet the desired requirements, called secondary injection molding.
Double injection molding can make the surface of the product full of softness, and can also increase product functionality and added value. The overmolding technology is known for creating a “soft surface” but it has many other features. With this technology, you can increase the functionality of the product, such as noise reduction, shock absorption, and waterproof.
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