3D Mould Design

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Quickly create complex molds, including cores and cavities, drafting, parting surfaces and mold base parts. Design changes can be made quickly using the mold-specific toolset.
3D CAD enables product designers and moldmakers to easily modify their designs at any stage from development to manufacturing. Fully integrated modeling software for plastics, casting, stamping, forming and forging designs, product design, mold design and validation in one package.
With the molds and drawings generated by the original 3D model, the correlation ensures that your solid models are always accurately reflected in the mold, electrodes, drawings and even NC data without having to track and edit the files separately.
You can find 3D Mould Design in ABERY from the website, which is not only an exporter and producer, but also a molder and mill. Welcome customers to visit our factory. If you are interested in us, you can contact us directly or leave a message.